You know what I absolutely love about empowerment??? The fact that it can literally be anything you want it to be. In the end you just need to feel empowered and free.

To me feeling empowered or being free is living as fearlessly authentic as possible. Creating art that holds no boundaries. Art that speaks to others in a way that makes them 'feel' something. Not just a photo, but a story. Being free is empowering others which, in return empowers my soul as well. Blocking out all the noise and the "voices" that tell you can't do this. And saying "I CAN do this". Staying focused on your own journey and not allowing the mind to wonder into comparison. Staying true to who you are. Staying true to yourself. LOVING yourself is a major part in feeling free as well. I can't stress enough the importance of self-love. You are you and there is no other you, only you. That in itself is a miracle, YOU are a miracle. That's EMPOWERMENT. That's FREEDOM. These sessions help you to see yourself in a new way. As if you are outside your body looking at you... if that makes sense. Whenever I am feeling low, empowering someone else or stepping in front of the camera myself, even though its vulnerable, I walk away feeling lifted up and refreshed from creating and allowing someone else to be vulnerable or viewing my own self in a new light.

Here is a random selection of my favorites. Enjoy.

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