Tree of Life Adventure

When Jen asked me to accompany her and a few powerful women to the tree of life in blind channel for some photos and some "soul" food, I jumped at the chance. I will forever hold onto the beauty I witnessed, the power I felt from that forest and the connection I made with nature and those women. It was a trip I never knew I needed and look forward to my next visit. Its hard to explain the power of that forest but when you are there you will know exactly what I mean. That old tree has such a strong heart beat. You can literally feel the vibrations start at your fingers tips and move throughout your entire body. It has so many stories to tell. Its strong and has been through it all. I've never really felt connected to a tree and with this one I felt safe. Like as long as I was around it, I was safe. And I felt an overwhelm of peace. And given today's world, I sure wish I could just lay beside it 24/7 to experience that peace.

After getting acquainted with the forest, the ladies and I set up an alter and created a circle around us made from cedars bows, which we had asked another cedar tree with branches we could reach for permission before we using them for our circle. To be honest, I've never asked a tree for permission, I've always just cut what I needed and apologized to it. It was different asking, as I didn't feel the need to apologize after... it was a much more positive experience. And from now on I will ask all nature for permission. Once we were set up, we all spoke our wishes one by one, for the world as a collective and for ourselves and our families. And whoever else we felt needed extra love sent to them. I know when it was my turn, I cried quite a bit... and was having anxiety doing so and didn't get to say everything I wanted to. But the willingness was there and I felt love pour into me from the universe. So I'll take it.

If you decide to book an adventure with Wild Water Ways, I can assure you, you will come out of that experience a more loving, grateful, refreshed human being. Nothing gets us out of our heads and into our hearts faster than being one with nature especially when its IN your own back yard. I will forever be grateful to Jen + Rueben for allowing me to come along for these special moments. This summer I am definitely booking in to take my mama and my Grammy. They deserve a day on the water like this. Make sure to watch the video so you can spot the amazing dolphins. THEY are just INCREDIBLE.