The Story of a Photographer

I am Shantina. Wife. Mother. Creative. Seeker of every light and all things magical. Capturing love in all its beautiful forms. I happily call Quadra Island my home and out of everywhere that we have lived, it's the most at home I've ever felt. And trust me, we have moved a lot! This place has a vibe. It brings out your creativity. And it's special. I have two little humans, a big ass Great Pyrenees dog, goats, ducks, bunnies, cats and a flock of chickens. We also LOVE gardening a grow a lot of our own food.

I also have the most wonderful and supportive partner of 14 years who has been encouraging and always pushing me to follow my dreams. He has sacrificed a lot so that I can freely do what makes me happy, while supporting my family.

I love how contagious a smile or laugh can be. Witnessing love between two people is amazing. I love how every single soul has a different story & something inspirational to offer. Coffee is delicious. The sound of crunchy gravel under your feet on a frosty morning is music to my ears. And the smell of spring rain on pavement is the best. I really dig tattoos, duhhh I have a full sleeve and one day will do the other arm. BUT I also love photographing them. If you have tattoos, omg book me! please! Nature is just magnificent. I love, camping, fishing trips, photography and adventuring. I love connecting with nature which is why I specialize in outdoor empowerment sessions. Having that "free" feeling in nature is not only empowering to my clients but to me as well. I sometimes talk too much and get a little awkward. And then overthink and then 'try' to crack jokes, and most of the time it won’t be funny but you'll laugh at me and I'll get that real moment I wanted to capture anyways.

Photography is more than just "something" I am passionate about. It is stopping that very small window in time that you can never have back. A moment that you never want to forget. Getting that split second when beautiful humans smile, laugh or are experiencing something they are excited about; on camera... oh those moments are so dear to my heart. Especially since we all know how fast time passes and how quickly things change. To save those, to hold onto the emotion is just, WELL, remarkable.

To make others feel something when they look through my photos is what moves me, it keeps me going. 

I believe whole-heartedly that everything happens for a reason.

And that waking up to see another day is truly a gift.


I cant wait to create with you.

Photos of me, taken by me!